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Our Story

Caridad: The Visionary Founder at Exquisite Party Decoration

Caridad is the visionary founder behind Exquisite Party Decoration with over twelve years of experience. She transformed her personal passion for crafting celebrations into a family-owned business dedicated to creating unforgettable moments. What started as a hobby, designing events for her family, has evolved into a profession defined by a deep passion for turning visions into cherished memories.

In this particular field, Caridad studied to advance her skills, seeking to better serve clients and meet their unique wants and needs. Armed with a certificate in event coordination and interior design, she developed the expertise to meticulously craft designs, considering every factor to ensure seamless and memorable events.

Family Tradition of Creativity and Celebration:

The heart of Exquisite Party Decoration lies in the values of hard work and creativity that I've instilled in my children. Involving them in the business has not only expanded our capabilities but has also become a testament to our commitment to family and quality service. Each event is a collaborative effort, a testament to the creativity and dedication we bring to the table.

With a family-oriented approach and a commitment to excellence, we believe that every celebration deserves to be a masterpiece. At Exquisite Party Decoration, my over 12 years of experience, combined with a family-driven ethos, forms the foundation of our commitment to turning your event into an extraordinary experience.

As a family, we recognized the joy that comes from bringing people together to celebrate life's milestones. Our home became a hub of creativity, with each event turning into a canvas where we could express our love and creativity. The positive feedback from family and friends propelled me to turn this passion into a business.

Veronica: A Creative Force and Makeup Artist
Veronica, my daughter, discovered her passion for art and design, becoming an integral part of Exquisite Party Decoration. Excelling in event design, coordination, and graphics, she crafts banners, invitations, and figure props for themed decor. Her creativity extends to being a skilled makeup artist, enhancing the beauty of brides, models, and individuals on special occasions. Inspired by sharing moments with loved ones, Veronica brings confidence and beauty to every celebration.
Juliana: The Maestro of Set-Up and Balloon Decor
My other daughter, Juliana, is a powerhouse when it comes to making things happen. She specializes in turning design concepts into reality, from the smallest of parties to the grandest events. Her expertise lies in setting up balloon garlands and balloon decor, adding a touch of whimsy and color to every celebration. Juliana's meticulous approach and dedication make her an invaluable member of our team.
Growing Together: A Wonderful Team and Expanded Services
Our journey at Exquisite Party Decoration is a testament to the power of passion, family, and the joy that comes with celebrating life's precious moments. From intimate gatherings to grand events, we've been fortunate to grow a wonderful team that expands our capabilities and allows us to offer a range of services. The synergy within our team ensures that each event is not just a job but a collaborative work of heart.
Our Mission: Crafting Moments that Last a Lifetime
Our mission is simple: to create unforgettable experiences and bring smiles to the faces of our clients. Join us in crafting moments that last a lifetime. Welcome to Exquisite Party Decoration, where every celebration is a work of heart.
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